They're here, they're starchy, watch out.


                Ohh yeah that wave had no match for me! …..  Oh hi my name crystal and for my entertainment I surf.  I try to get wet as possible so I don’t turn into a baked potato!!!….  Yeah I get burnt her and there but I’m mostly tan and pail. Mom, you’re giving me that face that you think I’m going too fast. Well I should   tell you the story of how I became a surfer. Ok well I will start at the beginning one day my mom was pregnant with me and when I came to the world she told me something that I will never forget. Crystal you shall become a pro at surfing once she said that I got etched to my brain. It would never go away never!!! So after a few months at the hospital, I found out my mom bought me a surf board when I found it I was shocked. Then I remembered what my mom had said I picked up the surf board and yelled for my mom said I was surprised I found it so was she. Then she said it looks like you found it so ill take you to the beach. so she drove me to the beach and I grabbed the bored and went to the salt water and went in. it was cold but I knew the sea was calling me……..                                                                                                                When I was on the board I was on the deep in a storm was coming I could tell by the clouds they were dark, dark as the black night. I thought of something fast because the waves were getting huge. And I finally thought that I could race this storm to safety. I started to doggie paddle on my bored and started to stand I fell on my bored because you know it was my first time. So I tried to stand and I did it this time I didn’t fall the dark clouds were ahead of me. But my good luck didn’t fail me now the waves were getting bigger this time I was ahead just a few more feet and I would win. But then I saw it I have maybe took the wrong turn because I was in hungry pack of sharks!!!!!!!!! I tried to stand still but the waves was still on the go so I just passed the sharks but I could tell they were hungry they were still after me.  So I took another turn they stopped chasing me I was paying so much attention to the sharks that I didn’t see I was in shallow water man was I glad I didn’t  get eaten alive.

I didn’t win the race but I was safe my mom came running after me. She hugged me and I thought she was trying to kill me but she let go of me and said to me something that got etched into my brain she said my little soul surfer… and that’s my story of how I started to surf.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 …………..THE END…………


 One day there was a potato named Steve.  He is 21 years old. He likes 80s music also ford trucks and felt bikes.

Steve is trying to cross the road. Steve thinks if he can cross the road he’ll be home. He does not know where he is right now. The guy in the car said get out of the way hippy. Steve froze he thought should he go or stay he thought for a second and walked away  and finally he heard his phone it said you live at St. Augustine. Steve said I’m going home so he did. The guy in the car came and said I’m mad and left. Steve went to bed.

The end


One day Laura-bot was going to a beach in Hawaii, with her friend Marisa-bot. the only problem was that she had to take a boat, plane, and train to get to Hawaii, because she lives in the Bahamas.

We both used to live together but her mom got a job in the Bahamas, so we had to Move away. I couldn’t wait until she got here. I asked her on the phone how many days she wants to stay. She said 7 days. FINNALLY!I heard a door slam. It was her! When she walked In I gave her a hug. I said go get your bathing suit on, we are going to the beach! Marisa said I already have my bathing suit on. I said awesome let’s go. When we got to the sand.

We sank because that sand was quick sand. We started to scream for help! After 5 mins we found a lifeguard. The lifeguard said we need to be more careful and read the signs. We both started laughing when the life guard left. I said now we can burn ourselves up some baked potatoes. We put our stuff down and started running toward the water.

I said look there’s a dolphin! Marisa said I don’t think that’s a dolphin. That’s a shark! We both started running toward the lifeguard and told him. The lifeguard told everybody to get out of the water.

We were sitting there for an hour. Finally Marisa said can we go back to your place now? I said sure.  So that was the end of the first day.



Ahh, well I’m sorry for waking into the lady’s bathroom.  Sheesh you didn’t have to chase me into the jungle. Now my name is Robotot, I’m a soldier that can fly and shoot missiles and snot rockets. Hey that’s Big Edna, my arch enemy. PSSSSS…BOOM! Oops, that hit a bird.

Man, I missed. She’s getting away. It’s time to fly. Zoom! Big Edna, she crashed into some trees.  Now’s my chance to make French fries out of her.  Darn it, she teleported away. But not far…BANG. I shot a chip on her so now I can track her.

This time, I will get her. One last missile, one last time. This missile is heat seeking, so it should hit her….good.  Now, here are some yummy French fries and ketchup.


“Ahh! I`m falling upward from earth,” said Cell Phone. Cell Phone was a very lonely bot. First she thought she was a robot, second her mom had died. Plus during the day she left with an evil step mom who always tried to ship her to the dwarf planet, Pluto. One day the evil step mom succeeded at doing that. Which bring us back to: “Ahh! I`m falling upward from earth,” said Cell Phone. To Pluto, Cell Phone went.

Once Cell Phone landed on Pluto, she immediately called her dad on her really, really big cell phone.  After she realized she had no signal she saw aliens that spoke Plutonian, which was surprising for Cell Phone because she did, too.  Once the aliens made her queen, Cell Phone killed them with her loud cell phone music. After that, cell Phone was never seen again.


     When he was at universal studios he was flying on a flying thing chair. The Potato Fryer  flew and bonked his head and flew off  the thingy. He landed on his face scaring him a lot. Then he got back on his flying  thingy. He came flying. The Potato Fryer shot a man. Zzzzz ! The Potato Fryer  shot the roller coaster it broke in half. Zzzzzzzzz. The Potato Fryer started to fly 700 mph.  But he used the emergency brakes .Crack! Oh no my emergency brake broke! The Potato Fryer  flew so fast but he used his brake in the nick of time. Every day the same stupid thing happens .The Potato Fryer shot up and splat went French Fries .Yum went the kids .

Nobody ever saw him again.

The End



French Fry the Potato Bot is in a pizza parlor. He is hungry.

French Fry, potato with an appetite.  He ordered 4 large pizzas. He goes every day. Hmm I feel very hungry today I will have 5 big pizzas French Fry said. Yum!  3 hours later he was done with all 5 pizzas. After, he needed a wheel chare just to get to his car but he was so fat he couldn’t get in and he was hungry again. He went back to the parlor and got 3 more pizzas. He ate them in 1 hour. He was fatter than before he weighed 4000 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He could not move so he got one more he ate it in20 minutes then he was so fat he turned into a ball, he rolled out the door. He rolled on the interstate, he never stopped until SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got hit by a car pizza went everywhere. It took 5 years to clean.

So never do what French Fry did or you will end up like him.



by Alex

Once, there was a potato named Babby Tot. Babby Tot went to the mall and saw an evil potato. The potato’s name was Shnuffy Pants. Shnuffy Pants went to Babby Tot and stuffed him into a big, dark, black bag. Babby Tot moved all he could, but couldn’t get out. He thought it was the end of the world! Once he calmed down, he started to feel around for something to use to get out. There was a laser pen at the bottom of the bag.  He lasered a hole in the bag.

He hopped out, and ran away from Shnuffy Pants. He lost his way, and found himself at the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, Shnuffy Pants’ laboratory is under the bridge. Babby Tot wandered on to the bridge.  Shnuffy Pants jumped in front of him, took him into his laboratory, and gave Babby Tot a potion to make him grow gigantic. Babby Tot grew, grew, and grew. Shnuffy Pants’ mom came and took Shnuffy Pants away. He said, while she walked away with him, “I will get you Babby Tot!”

Babby Tot went to the laboratory to get a potion. Smaller, smaller, and smaller, Babby Tot went. And then, since it was a hot summer day, he jumped into the San Francisco Bay. He got out of the bay and stared to walk out of the city. No one ever saw Babby Tot or Shnuffy Pants again.


by Peyton

“I found it,” said Tim.

“What did you find?” asked Max.

“The sun block.” Tim answered.

“Why do we need sun block?” asked Max.

“So we won’t be fried potatoes,” Tim said.

“Only in case of emergency.”

“You should grab some for yourself,” Tim said.

Max went down to the basement, instead of grabbing sun block. He wanted to mess with Tim.  Max was mad at him for taking his favorite toy.  He got skin poison and put it in the sun block case.

“I got it!” said Max with a smile on his face.  So off they went. After they had traveled many miles, Max said they were going to the desert. They were in search of a camel – it took two days.  “Let’s freeze the camel,” said Max.

“First, let’s put on sun block” Tim said.

“Alright,” said Max. He forget what he did, so he got skin poison and died, and Tim got a lot of camel.


by Taylor

Button is my potato, and she was getting ready to go to Paris. I was really sad because she wanted to go alone so I couldn’t go with her.

“I am ready.” she thought to herself, and off she went. First she went to get some breakfast. She had pancakes and juice.  After that she got to Paris. She saw someone at the front desk and so she said, “Hi.”

“Bon jour, are you Button?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Button, “Yes I am.”

“Well, your room is on the third floor, room 304.”  He handed her the key. She went to the elevator, pressed the number three, and went up. She put her suit case down, went back down the elevator, and started to explore.

Later after she had lunch she went into a museum and saw some of France’s natural history. There were some facts about fossils long ago.

Next she saw the Eiffel tower.  “That is beautiful,” she said. She went up the Eiffel tower and she couldn’t believe how high she was. Then when she got down she realized she forgot her keys on top of the tower, but she didn’t want to walk all the way back up so she looked for an elevator. Instead, she found a box with pink dust inside, and a little bit accidentally dropped on her. The next thing she knew, she was flying. She finally reached the top of the tower.

She found her keys, went back to her hotel, and went up the elevator. She grabbed her suitcases and drove to the airport. While she was driving, she thought to herself, “That was a great trip.”