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The Destroyer of Death by Vaughn

June 10, 2011

My Potato-bot name is The Destroyer of Death.  He is in downtown China killing people.  He is big.  He has a laser on his long arms.  He is awesome. He is on a building that is high and big.  A person is looking at The Destroyer of Death.  He is shooting two people and it […]

Planet Destroyer by Kaleb

June 8, 2011

There was a potato that is name is Planet Destroyer. He destroys all planets. One night he heard that Saturn has lots, I mean lots of gorgeous rings. So he decides to get in his space ship and blast off to Saturn. As soon as he gets there he said ready… steady…  SHOOT! BOOM the rings […]

Katie-Bot by Lauren

June 8, 2011

Chapter 1 “Katie!!!! Get up here this instant!” “No, I will not come up!” Oh, hi, I’m Katie, and that is my sister yelling at me to get up to our hotel room.  I’m going to tell you the story of me and my sister Cindy trying to survive a horrible tsunami in Japan. (This […]

Ann-Bot by Traci

June 8, 2011

 One day a monster was created.  Ann-bot was 13 when she died. This is how she died, June 5th; Ann-bot went to her friend Tara-bot’s house to surprise her for her 13th birthday. When Ann- bot left it was around midnight.  Ann-bot walked home on that cold dark snowy night, bats and rats lurked around […]

Marrisa-bot Visits Hawaii by Tara

June 8, 2011

              Hi my name is Marrisa-bot I am going to the beach in Hawaii with my friend Laura-bot. the only problem is that I half to take a plane, boat, and a train because I live in  the Bahamas. We used to live together but my mom got a job in the Bahamas. I couldn’t […]

SpiderBot by Jason

June 8, 2011

On Monday in China   a giant potato   came to   town   and   went to a street and zapped   a sign. The sign fell   on   a person   and cut him in half!  Soon while he was walking into town he zapped everything on his path.          Like signs , people , and animals.  Wait I didn’t zap houses […]

Book One: Violet by Claudia

June 8, 2011

One day  Violet  was walking  along the road  and heard her parents calling her  name  so she started home . When she got home she did not see her parents! So she started along the road again looking for her mom and dad but they where  know where to be found! Violet looked everywhere  in […]

Destructo by Nick

June 8, 2011

                One day a robot was born and when he was born he took over the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Then he became so powerful that he was king of the world. He destroyed towns  with his laser. Then he shot people. Everybody tried to run and fight but everybody just got shot . The people finally […]

Terror Tot by Mason

June 8, 2011

One fine day, Tot Jr was out and about when he saw his friends Fri and Tater. “Hey guys over here!”  They came zipping toward him, well as fast as a potato can go. They told him about last night’s WWE match. The Undertaker smoked the Big Show. ”WHAT?” he yelled, “Well bye, I have […]

Superbot by Kendall

June 8, 2011

One day there were two very wise young potato bots that were born in 1935. These potato bots grew up together on planet Krypton. You must be wondering what their names are. Well Super-Bot was one named but there was one more named Evil Farnum bot.  These bots are all grown up and are living […]