They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

The Destroyer of Death by Vaughn

My Potato-bot name is The Destroyer of Death.  He is in downtown China killing people.  He is big.  He has a laser on his long arms.  He is awesome.

He is on a building that is high and big.  A person is looking at The Destroyer of Death.  He is shooting two people and it is on fire.  Then he rules downtown China. Then every  person  in downtown  China  know bows  to  The Destroyer  of  Death. If  they  try to  run  away  from  The Destroyer  of  Death, The Destroyer  of  Death will  kill  them. If  any  come  to down town  China they  also  have to  bow  to The  Destroyer   of Death.  They  half to  give  him all  the  gold they  find  forever.

Then The Destroyer of Death kills everybody.


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