They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Terror Tot by Mason

One fine day, Tot Jr was out and about when he saw his friends Fri and Tater. “Hey guys over here!”  They came zipping toward him, well as fast as a potato can go. They told him about last night’s WWE match. The Undertaker smoked the Big Show. ”WHAT?” he yelled, “Well bye, I have to do something,” so he went to the trading place in downtown Potatopolis.

He trained for hours and hours and hours. By the end of the day he was really good at wrestling. The next day he went to a match and versed the Undertaker at WWE.  He was nervous, really nervous.

He stepped in the ring, he saw the Undertaker he passed out for 3 hours. He woke up “ding-ding-ding,“ rang the bell. “Punch! Kick! Bang! Slam!” went the tot.  Then the Undertaker was out cold. Tot Jr won.

“Winner!” the announcer shouted. “What’s your name kid?” he asked.

“Terror Tot,” he said. He was famous.


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