They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

SpiderBot by Jason

On Monday in China   a giant potato   came to   town   and   went to a street and zapped   a sign. The sign fell   on   a person   and cut him in half!  Soon while he was walking into town he zapped everything on his path.          Like signs , people , and animals.  Wait I didn’t zap houses he said to himself. So he started zapping houses. After he smashed a car,he saw a really tall tower and almost zapped it but something else caught his eye. It was  a person calling his name, trying to get him not to zap the tower.  He zapped the man.

Everybody screamed because that man was the mayor of the town. Most of the people started crying but most of them  were his family members. Alright he said  who else wants to get zapped ?  WHO WHO?!

Everybody started saying no.  So when he was trying to make his zapper go away , he zapped the tower and it landed on him. Everybody started saying yes!  HE WAS DEAD!



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