They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Robotot vs. Big Edna by David

Ahh, well I’m sorry for waking into the lady’s bathroom.  Sheesh you didn’t have to chase me into the jungle. Now my name is Robotot, I’m a soldier that can fly and shoot missiles and snot rockets. Hey that’s Big Edna, my arch enemy. PSSSSS…BOOM! Oops, that hit a bird.

Man, I missed. She’s getting away. It’s time to fly. Zoom! Big Edna, she crashed into some trees.  Now’s my chance to make French fries out of her.  Darn it, she teleported away. But not far…BANG. I shot a chip on her so now I can track her.

This time, I will get her. One last missile, one last time. This missile is heat seeking, so it should hit her….good.  Now, here are some yummy French fries and ketchup.


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