They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Marrisa-bot Visits Hawaii by Tara

              Hi my name is Marrisa-bot I am going to the beach in Hawaii with my friend Laura-bot. the only problem is that I half to take a plane, boat, and a train because I live in  the Bahamas. We used to live together but my mom got a job in the Bahamas. I couldn’t wait till I was there. Finally! I walked in the door, Laura-bot gave me a big hug. After  that, we ran to the sand. After 5 seconds, we were in the sand. Laura-bot said that’s quick sand. A lifeguard came and helped us out. When he left we started to laugh ,then we ran to the water. Laura said, “Look at the dolphin!”  I said, “That’s a shark!” We both ran toward the lifeguard and told him. Everybody had to come out of the water.

We were sitting there for an hour.

Finally I said, “Can we go back to your place now?”  Laura said sure. So that was the end of the first day.


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