They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Laura-bot Visits Hawaii by Hannah

One day Laura-bot was going to a beach in Hawaii, with her friend Marisa-bot. the only problem was that she had to take a boat, plane, and train to get to Hawaii, because she lives in the Bahamas.

We both used to live together but her mom got a job in the Bahamas, so we had to Move away. I couldn’t wait until she got here. I asked her on the phone how many days she wants to stay. She said 7 days. FINNALLY!I heard a door slam. It was her! When she walked In I gave her a hug. I said go get your bathing suit on, we are going to the beach! Marisa said I already have my bathing suit on. I said awesome let’s go. When we got to the sand.

We sank because that sand was quick sand. We started to scream for help! After 5 mins we found a lifeguard. The lifeguard said we need to be more careful and read the signs. We both started laughing when the life guard left. I said now we can burn ourselves up some baked potatoes. We put our stuff down and started running toward the water.

I said look there’s a dolphin! Marisa said I don’t think that’s a dolphin. That’s a shark! We both started running toward the lifeguard and told him. The lifeguard told everybody to get out of the water.

We were sitting there for an hour. Finally Marisa said can we go back to your place now? I said sure.  So that was the end of the first day.



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