They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Katie-Bot by Lauren

Chapter 1

“Katie!!!! Get up here this instant!”

“No, I will not come up!” Oh, hi, I’m Katie, and that is my sister yelling at me to get up to our hotel room.  I’m going to tell you the story of me and my sister Cindy trying to survive a horrible tsunami in Japan. (This story is made from the tsunami in Japan in 2011).

Chapter 2

“I see a huge wave on the horizon, you are going to get yourself killed. Get your lazy butt up here,” said Cindy.

“No. I am going to risk my life, and I’m going to save other peoples’ lives.  If I die, it is for a good reason.”

“NOOOO, Katie, get up here, it is not a wave, it is a tsunami!”

“Cindy!!! Help me.  I need help stopping this wave so we can save Japan and we can be heroes.” I yelled.

“OK, fine, let’s go kick some Potato Bot Butt!”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

Chapter 3

“Nooo! We need to make it to the hotel room,” said Cindy.

“No, I will try and save Japan!” WOOOSH

“Noooo! Katie!”

“Cindy, help me!” I called.

“OK, I’m coming!”

“You saved me, let’s get back up to hotel room!”

“OK, let’s go!”

And then we lived a very awesome life.



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