They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Crystal Learns to Surf by Alayna

                Ohh yeah that wave had no match for me! …..  Oh hi my name crystal and for my entertainment I surf.  I try to get wet as possible so I don’t turn into a baked potato!!!….  Yeah I get burnt her and there but I’m mostly tan and pail. Mom, you’re giving me that face that you think I’m going too fast. Well I should   tell you the story of how I became a surfer. Ok well I will start at the beginning one day my mom was pregnant with me and when I came to the world she told me something that I will never forget. Crystal you shall become a pro at surfing once she said that I got etched to my brain. It would never go away never!!! So after a few months at the hospital, I found out my mom bought me a surf board when I found it I was shocked. Then I remembered what my mom had said I picked up the surf board and yelled for my mom said I was surprised I found it so was she. Then she said it looks like you found it so ill take you to the beach. so she drove me to the beach and I grabbed the bored and went to the salt water and went in. it was cold but I knew the sea was calling me……..                                                                                                                When I was on the board I was on the deep in a storm was coming I could tell by the clouds they were dark, dark as the black night. I thought of something fast because the waves were getting huge. And I finally thought that I could race this storm to safety. I started to doggie paddle on my bored and started to stand I fell on my bored because you know it was my first time. So I tried to stand and I did it this time I didn’t fall the dark clouds were ahead of me. But my good luck didn’t fail me now the waves were getting bigger this time I was ahead just a few more feet and I would win. But then I saw it I have maybe took the wrong turn because I was in hungry pack of sharks!!!!!!!!! I tried to stand still but the waves was still on the go so I just passed the sharks but I could tell they were hungry they were still after me.  So I took another turn they stopped chasing me I was paying so much attention to the sharks that I didn’t see I was in shallow water man was I glad I didn’t  get eaten alive.

I didn’t win the race but I was safe my mom came running after me. She hugged me and I thought she was trying to kill me but she let go of me and said to me something that got etched into my brain she said my little soul surfer… and that’s my story of how I started to surf.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 …………..THE END…………


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