They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Book One: Violet by Claudia

One day  Violet  was walking  along the road  and heard her parents calling her  name  so she started home . When she got home she did not see her parents! So she started along the road again looking for her mom and dad but they where  know where to be found!

Violet looked everywhere  in ally’s path’s even restraints  but she still could not find them.  So she started to call their names. Mom dad mom dad   but still no answer!   Violet was devastated, and her birthday was soon too! She can’t celebrate  her birthday without  her mom and dad. She looked far  and near but still no sign. Hmmm ? They might  be at home  I’ll double check.  When she got home  she  looked  in the kitchen  they were not there. So I decided to go back on the road. I went to a street in New York City, and found what I wanted for my birthday. The problem was that she didn’t have any money. She said to herself I found them. She ran up behind these people and discovered that wasn’t her parents. She said wait I have $20 in my pocket! Now where was that store ? Found it!  She ran inside and bought……         A HOTDOG!  That is exactly what I wanted for my birthday.  After she got her hotdog she ate it, then ran home.  When she walked into the door she screamed mom dad.  Finally she heard them say  why were you gone  so long ?   When they  came down the stairs she gave them a big hug.

That was the end of book one get ready for book two.


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