They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Ann-Bot by Traci

 One day a monster was created.  Ann-bot was 13 when she died. This is how she died, June 5th; Ann-bot went to her friend Tara-bot’s house to surprise her for her 13th birthday.

When Ann- bot left it was around midnight.  Ann-bot walked home on that cold dark snowy night, bats and rats lurked around in the night Ann-bot passed a big bush.  The bush creaked Ann-bot  stopped and said how’s  there, no body  answered she continued walking the bush creaked again Ann-bot  walked over  to the big bush  and the  something  jumped out  of the bush and attacked  Ann-bot .

Now  I  have  a  question for you  do you think you can  answer  this, WHAT HAPPENED  TO ANN-BOT ?


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