They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Babby Tot

by Alex

Once, there was a potato named Babby Tot. Babby Tot went to the mall and saw an evil potato. The potato’s name was Shnuffy Pants. Shnuffy Pants went to Babby Tot and stuffed him into a big, dark, black bag. Babby Tot moved all he could, but couldn’t get out. He thought it was the end of the world! Once he calmed down, he started to feel around for something to use to get out. There was a laser pen at the bottom of the bag.  He lasered a hole in the bag.

He hopped out, and ran away from Shnuffy Pants. He lost his way, and found himself at the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, Shnuffy Pants’ laboratory is under the bridge. Babby Tot wandered on to the bridge.  Shnuffy Pants jumped in front of him, took him into his laboratory, and gave Babby Tot a potion to make him grow gigantic. Babby Tot grew, grew, and grew. Shnuffy Pants’ mom came and took Shnuffy Pants away. He said, while she walked away with him, “I will get you Babby Tot!”

Babby Tot went to the laboratory to get a potion. Smaller, smaller, and smaller, Babby Tot went. And then, since it was a hot summer day, he jumped into the San Francisco Bay. He got out of the bay and stared to walk out of the city. No one ever saw Babby Tot or Shnuffy Pants again.


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