They're here, they're starchy, watch out.


by Peyton

“I found it,” said Tim.

“What did you find?” asked Max.

“The sun block.” Tim answered.

“Why do we need sun block?” asked Max.

“So we won’t be fried potatoes,” Tim said.

“Only in case of emergency.”

“You should grab some for yourself,” Tim said.

Max went down to the basement, instead of grabbing sun block. He wanted to mess with Tim.  Max was mad at him for taking his favorite toy.  He got skin poison and put it in the sun block case.

“I got it!” said Max with a smile on his face.  So off they went. After they had traveled many miles, Max said they were going to the desert. They were in search of a camel – it took two days.  “Let’s freeze the camel,” said Max.

“First, let’s put on sun block” Tim said.

“Alright,” said Max. He forget what he did, so he got skin poison and died, and Tim got a lot of camel.


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