They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

RTD Regenerated in a Black Hole

by Jacob

“Run away, everyone, I’m transforming!” screamed RTD.  People in the center of Chubbyville ran away frantically.  “Bleaaaaaaah!” he groaned, “SCOFLAFK! Bleaaaaaaah! Bleeeaaah! I will destroy the world.”  RTD had changed from an ordinary potato into an evil robot.  His cells were breaking apart painfully, changing into robotic parts. Suddenly, he felt the pain go away, “I’m changing back, thank goodness,” he said.

“Hey, RTD, you really have to see a doctor about your Boobel disease. We can’t have you changing into an earth destroying robot anymore,” said his best friend, Ooblek.  So RTD went to Doctor Mosquito-Hotdog, Chubbyville’s expert on rare diseases.  The doctor said RTD had to be regenerated in a black hole if he wanted to be regular again.

RTD refused, “I don’t want to be sucked up by a black hole. I sort of don’t wanna take the risk of being torn apart and destroyed.” He started to transform again, and went into maniac-destructive robot mode.  He burst outside and destroyed the whole town.

“BLEAAAAAH!!!! I will destroy the world,” said RTD furiously.

“Don’t do it!” shouted Ooblek.  “You will destroy everything, even your home!  And everybody’s home!  Please, please don’t do it!” begged Ooblek.  RTD changed back by calming down.

Dr. Mosquito-Hotdog came back and shot RTD with the black hole weapon.  RTD was torn up in the emptiness of space, and was burnt by the sun.

The End?


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