They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Psycho Bunny

by Carly

One day a little innocent bunny was hopping around.  He saw a vitamin and didn’t know what it was.  He ate the vitamin and grew, grew, grew.

The next day, he turned very evil. The evil bunny found a magic potato and ate it.  He turned into a psycho potato evil bunny.  His name turned to Psycho Bunny.  His best friend was Bunny Bot.  Together they planned to rule the world.

He defeated the army with his Boom Boom things.  Soon they ruled the world.  His ear blew up with his Boom Boom things.

A psycho bug came from Planet Bugzo.  They fought, and then Psycho Bug became the new ruler when he defeated Psycho Bunny.

Psycho Bunny now lives on Planet Hotdog, and rules that planet.  Hopefully someone else rules Earth, someone that’s nice.


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