They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Potato Prime

by Michael

One day there was a planet called Cybertron where robots lived.  Suddenly, there was a huge crash.  It was the Decepti-Potatoes.  They were destroying buildings. The Potato Bots were tracking the Decepti-Potatoes when they found them on the track.

Potato Prime said, “Potato Bots, transform and roll out!” When they found the Decepti-Potatoes, the war began.

Potatotron said, “Decepti-Potatoes, attack! Attack!” There was shooting and fighting.  Potatotron was more powerful than Potato Prime, enough to destroy him.

But luckily, he got help.  It was Potato Fire!  Potato Prime got help from him.  Potatotron was destroyed when Potato Prime chopped him in the head.  The war was over.  Sixteen robots were destroyed, and fourteen were injured.  The Potato Bots won!


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