They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Mr. Funk

by Malory

Mr. Funk has been searching all around the world because he wanted to eat cheeseburgers.

When he was traveling to the USA, he stopped at Burger King. He got a cheeseburger, but they put pickles in his cheeseburger, and Mr. Funk did not like them. Mr. Funk ate in his spaceship. When he took his first bite, he spit it out because there were pickles. He said, “They ripped me off!” and he threw it out the window. He flew over Wisconsin and saw a farm full of cows. He landed. Mr. Funk came out and coughed a little because he wasn’t used to the air. He flew over to the pasture and aimed for a cow.  He lasered the cow and it went up to his mouth.  He tasted it, and he loved it.

He started to do that to all of the cows. He left a few to have babies.  He came back every year.  And every year, he ate and got bigger.


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