They're here, they're starchy, watch out.


by Savanah

One day, in Catland, a little robot kitten was born.  While she was growing, Meow liked to draw superheroes.  She drank something and grew wings; she filled her dreams to fight evil.

One day, she went to Oregon.  She went sightseeing in the woods.  She saw a toad, she tried to take a picture, but it jumped on the screen.  Meow screamed, “Meoweeeee!” and then giggled.  The noise startled Mr. Fungus and his army of robot mushrooms.  They heard it when they were plotting to rule the world.  Mr. Fungus set a charge to fight Meow-O-Bot.  Meow literally blew them away.

Then they hid very well.  There were too many to know which ones were which.  She fired at a patch of mushrooms.  She got hit many times, but won.

She made him promise not to do evil again.  On the way out, she saw the toad, it started jumping after her.  She flew out of there as fast as she could.

The End


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