They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Max’s Adventure to the Great Wall of China

by Abigail

Max went to China. He flew to the Great Wall of China.  Max zapped a man that was calling him names.   Then Max zoomed to the village of warriors.  Max tried to turn around, but when he turned   around there were warriors. “Now where to go?” Max asked himself.  Max said to the warriors, “Look! There’s a bird!” and the warriors fell for it. Max drilled through the ground.  He drilled enough. He drilled up back up to the top of the ground, but one of the warriors was following him.  Frankentater was its name. He followed Max around, but Frankentater was too fast.  Faster, and faster, and faster they went.  They ran around and around.  They made a hurricane that destroyed China.  It took five years to rebuild China.

The End


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