They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Frankentater: Defender of New York City: Story 1

by Caleb

Once upon a time a tiny potato fell into a nuclear reactor bomb plant in New Hampshire.  He came to life with a ray gun blaster.

Ten hours later the tiny potato found New York City and scared some people. The people called the army. The army attacked the tiny potato.  Then the commander of the army called the tiny potato Frankentater.

Frankentater got locked in a cage 90 feet tall and 80 feet wide.  As a side effect of the nuclear reaction, Frankentater grew 110 feet tall and 90 feet wide, breaking the cage. When he got outside, Max, another potato with flying powers and a ray gun, was destroying the city. Frankentater climbed the Empire State Building, and Max flew toward him. Frankentater shot his ray gun.  BOOM!  Max got blown up by Frankentater’s ray gun blaster. The crowd of people cheered in joy and excitement, and gave Frankentater anything he wanted. New York City is safe, for now.


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