They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Dracobot Visits China

by Catie

One day a baby potato was born.  His mom and dad named him Draco.  When he was ten, Draco was not a baby anymore.  He liked to play the guitar, he was the best in his family.  His dad was the best with the drums, and Mom was best at making food.  His mom was pregnant with twin girls, so his dad had to cook for the family.

Three weeks later, the babies were born.  They were so cute.  Draco took good care when his mom was cooking.  Dad was playing the drums.

Five years later, Draco was now 15 and the twins were 5.  His mom and dad got him a ticket to the Great Wall of China for five days.  He left a week later.  Draco came back with a present for all of them.  Mom got a hat, Dad got new drum sticks made from bamboo, and the twins each got a hair brush made from bamboo.

He and his family loved everyone, and everyone loved him.


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