They're here, they're starchy, watch out.


by Brooke

One morning, Clover got out of bed, went down stairs, and had breakfast. For breakfast, she had sausage, bacon, toast and eggs. After she ate, it was 8:00. “Good, I still have time to go to the sparkling beach. I have to leave at 8:20 because Candy and I made plans to go there  this weekend.” Now the fun begins.

She ran upstairs and got her peace sign bathing suit, on it was two piece. She picked out her peace sign shoes to match the bathing suit. She put her hair up in pig tails, and brushed her teeth. As she brushed her teeth the doorbell rang. She thought to herself as she ran downstairs and grabbed a towel out of the closet, ‘I bet that’s Candy ready to go to the beach.” She answered the door.

“Hey check it out we both have pig tails in our hair.” Candy’s bathing suit had hearts all over it, it was also two piece. Their towels were the same, too. They had swirls, peace signs and hearts on them. They had beach bags, too, with pink and yellow stripes. Her shoes had hearts to match her bathing suit. They went out in the front, went in the garage and got the coolers. They walked down the driveway and got in the convertible and drove off. They listened to all different kinds of music, finally they got to the sparkling beach. They got the beach bags and got the cooler and took off their shoes.  Clover said, “Are we ready to go to the sand?”

Candy said, “Yes we are.  I’ll race you!”

“I’m not going to race in these shoes!”

“Yes you are!”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“Fine, bring it on.”

“Okay!” they zoomed down to the sand.

Clover said, “Oh no!”

Candy said “What?”

She said “We forgot our chairs.” So they ran to the car and looked everywhere. Finally Candy said, “Forget it we  will just have to sit in the sand.”

Clover said, “Wait, I see a place, follow me.”

Before they went inside Candy said, “This is not just called a place if you read it you would know.”

“I did read it.”

“Well if you read it you would known that it is called Shelly’s Ocean Shores.”

“I knew that,” Clover said.

“Yeah, sure you did.” Then they went inside, the worker said that they can buy some chairs so they did. They had swirls on them.

For the rest of the day of the day, they had a great time. Next time they go to the beach they should go slower so they don’t forget anything again. But even though they forgot their chairs, they still had a great time and they both know that they will be best friends forever and ever and ever.


2 Responses to “Clover”

  1. I love my story so much and think it is so funny and alot of detils ya ya ya ya ya!

  2. it is awsome!

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