They're here, they're starchy, watch out.


by Karla

It was a slow day. Candy worked for an airline, Copa Airlines. She had just come back from Paris. Candy was getting out of the airplane. The captain told her, “We are going to Cali, Colombia. Pack your bags and meet me at the airport at 7:00.”

Candy said “Yes sir.”

It was 7:00. Candy was getting everything neat in the airplane. The passengers were gonna come any minute now. Ten minutes later the passengers were all in the airplane, ready to launch. Candy had to wait until they were in the air, and then she would start asking, “Is everything okay?” and, “Is everything okay?” and all that stuff. Three hours later everyone was off because they landed in Cali. Most of the time, she had to wait until their next flight. This time, the captain said, “You have one hour to explore. Come back at 2:00.”

“Okay,” Candy said, “Okay.”  Candy went to restaurants, museums, and went shopping. She said “OH-NO!  IT IS ALREADY 4:00, I MISSED THE PLANE!” Candy ran around the airport until she got kicked out. So she ran around the city until a bus picked her up and took her to a hotel. She rented a room, then went to the lobby and went online. She found out there was a flight that goes back to her home. She bought a ticket online. “YES!” she said.

The next morning she went to a different airport because she was banned from the other one. She went home and everything turned out fine, except she lost her job.


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