They're here, they're starchy, watch out.

Button’s Trip to Paris

by Taylor

Button is my potato, and she was getting ready to go to Paris. I was really sad because she wanted to go alone so I couldn’t go with her.

“I am ready.” she thought to herself, and off she went. First she went to get some breakfast. She had pancakes and juice.  After that she got to Paris. She saw someone at the front desk and so she said, “Hi.”

“Bon jour, are you Button?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Button, “Yes I am.”

“Well, your room is on the third floor, room 304.”  He handed her the key. She went to the elevator, pressed the number three, and went up. She put her suit case down, went back down the elevator, and started to explore.

Later after she had lunch she went into a museum and saw some of France’s natural history. There were some facts about fossils long ago.

Next she saw the Eiffel tower.  “That is beautiful,” she said. She went up the Eiffel tower and she couldn’t believe how high she was. Then when she got down she realized she forgot her keys on top of the tower, but she didn’t want to walk all the way back up so she looked for an elevator. Instead, she found a box with pink dust inside, and a little bit accidentally dropped on her. The next thing she knew, she was flying. She finally reached the top of the tower.

She found her keys, went back to her hotel, and went up the elevator. She grabbed her suitcases and drove to the airport. While she was driving, she thought to herself, “That was a great trip.”


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