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Babby Tot

June 7, 2010

by Alex Once, there was a potato named Babby Tot. Babby Tot went to the mall and saw an evil potato. The potato’s name was Shnuffy Pants. Shnuffy Pants went to Babby Tot and stuffed him into a big, dark, black bag. Babby Tot moved all he could, but couldn’t get out. He thought it […]


June 4, 2010

by Peyton “I found it,” said Tim. “What did you find?” asked Max. “The sun block.” Tim answered. “Why do we need sun block?” asked Max. “So we won’t be fried potatoes,” Tim said. “Only in case of emergency.” “You should grab some for yourself,” Tim said. Max went down to the basement, instead of […]

Button’s Trip to Paris

June 4, 2010

by Taylor Button is my potato, and she was getting ready to go to Paris. I was really sad because she wanted to go alone so I couldn’t go with her. “I am ready.” she thought to herself, and off she went. First she went to get some breakfast. She had pancakes and juice.  After […]

Mrs. Potato-Bots Adventure!

June 4, 2010

by Jaden One day, Mrs. Potato-Bot was fishing. “La la la la la,” she sang, waiting for a fish to bite the line. ”It’s been a while since I have caught a fish,’’ she thought. Then something snapped the line. “SNAP!” went the line. Then after she replaced the line with a new one, she […]

The Potato-Bot That Fell in a Wormhole

June 4, 2010

by Austin Once there was a Potato-Bot named Bob.  Bob was walking in confusion, and he walked into a sewer hole. When he got out, he was stranded in the middle of a desert with nothing around!  Right then, a wormhole opened up and sucked Bob in. A wormhole is a shortcut through space and […]

Mr. Watertron vs. the Evil Space Chickens from Mars

June 4, 2010

by Aaron Mr. Watertron chased two evil space chickens down the beach. “REEAATREEAAT!” shouted a fat, red chicken. The two feather-brained chickens jumped into their boat and started rowing. “That’s right! You row away!” shouted the robotic potato. “The world is just great right, Birdy?” asked the potato-bot. “Tweet,” said Birdy. Mr. Watertron was getting […]


June 4, 2010

by Karla It was a slow day. Candy worked for an airline, Copa Airlines. She had just come back from Paris. Candy was getting out of the airplane. The captain told her, “We are going to Cali, Colombia. Pack your bags and meet me at the airport at 7:00.” Candy said “Yes sir.” It was […]

Max’s Adventure to the Great Wall of China

June 4, 2010

by Abigail Max went to China. He flew to the Great Wall of China.  Max zapped a man that was calling him names.   Then Max zoomed to the village of warriors.  Max tried to turn around, but when he turned   around there were warriors. “Now where to go?” Max asked himself.  Max said to the […]

Frankentater: Defender of New York City: Story 1

June 4, 2010

by Caleb Once upon a time a tiny potato fell into a nuclear reactor bomb plant in New Hampshire.  He came to life with a ray gun blaster. Ten hours later the tiny potato found New York City and scared some people. The people called the army. The army attacked the tiny potato.  Then the […]

Mr. Funk

June 4, 2010

by Malory Mr. Funk has been searching all around the world because he wanted to eat cheeseburgers. When he was traveling to the USA, he stopped at Burger King. He got a cheeseburger, but they put pickles in his cheeseburger, and Mr. Funk did not like them. Mr. Funk ate in his spaceship. When he […]